Dental Handpieces Service + Repair

Your options for dental handpiece repair seem endless. While many of these dental handpiece repair companies try to attract your attention with fancy service names, or make bold, halfcocked attempts to repair your handpieces in your parking lot, RepairMakers has managed to soar beyond these illusions of differentiation without compromising the customer-focused service that our…

“We have been working with Repair Makers since 2007, since then quality of service has increased and our repair costs have decreased.”

Dental Support Organization

“Repair Makers techs always come in with a great attitude and get right to the problem. When we call Repair Makers they know our expectations and are always quick to address our problem.”

King House Dental

“We love working with Repair Makers, very professional team with great customer service. They service our equipment in all three of our offices – highly recommend them. “

Gardens Dental Group

“I have been practicing dentistry for over 36 years and I have experienced many repair companies. Repair Makers, by far, have provided the best, most reliable service. “

Scott King DDS

“I am very pleased with Repair Makers, they respond quickly and efficiently to my equipment service and repair needs. I highly recommend Repair Makers.”

Dr. Philip Sales

“Repair Makers saved us over $33,000 by repairing handpieces said to be unrepairable by other companies.”

Dental Support Organization

“We have been using Repair Makers since 2007. They’re fast, economical, reliable and have great customer service.”

Dr. Kavorinos