Interval Inspection / Service Description
Periodically Cleaning Clean external surfaces, tray, and chamber with mild soap and distilled water. Wipe dry.
Clean door gasket and mating surface with a damp cloth.
Inspect gasket for damage, replace gasket if necessary.
Empty water from condensing tank. Clean tank with diluted bleach solution of 1/4 cup bleach : 1 gallon water and a brush.
Rinse tank, then fill to the minimum water level indicator line.
Obvious Damage Visually inspect components for damage that could cause problems during operation or unsafe operation.
Drain / Refill Reservoir Using the drain hose, drain all water from the reservoir.
Refill reservoir with distilled water.
Hardware All fasteners must be present and fastened securely.
Electrical System Inspect power cord and all wiring for damage.
Be sure all electrical connections are tight.
Monthly Cleaning Remove and clean filter using a mild soap solution and a brush, Place in ultrasonic cleaner if necessary.
Rinse with distilled water.
Clean condensing tank level sensors with mild soap solution.
Wipe dry.
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