For nearly two decades, Repair Makers has been a trusted partner to healthcare support organizations, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), institutions, and government agencies.

Since our founding in 2008, we’ve upheld a tradition of excellence, dedicated to delivering measurable and lasting value to our partners.

Today, we continue this legacy by prioritizing active listening and understanding each partner’s unique needs. This thoughtful approach empowers us to develop custom solutions that truly make a difference where it counts most.

Our commitment to delivering factory-quality repair solutions ensures that your teams have the reliable, high-performance tools and equipment necessary for safe and efficient treatment, ultimately leading to outstanding patient outcomes.

Discover the difference a partnership with Repair Makers can make for your organization.


Experience excellence with Repair Makers, where our commitment to superior service and cost-effectiveness sets us apart.

Our dedicated team of in-house technicians ensures swift, high-quality repairs tailored to your specific needs. Whether managing a few locations or a large network, benefit from our scalable solutions and extensive industry expertise. Enjoy added convenience with complimentary inbound shipping and competitive pricing, saving up to 30% without compromising on quality. Discover why Repair Makers is your trusted partner in equipment repair and service.

Optimal Value

At Repair Makers, we believe in doing things better whenever possible. This philosophy is at the core of our operations, guiding everything from our expert repairs to our choice of parts. Experience best-in-class service and repairs without compromising on quality or cost.

Efficient, High-Quality Repairs

Our in-house team of highly skilled technicians ensures consistent, controlled quality and rapid turnaround times for all repairs.

Scalability and Expertise

Whether managing 5 locations or 500+, we possess the capacity, resources, and expertise to meet your demands effectively.

Complimentary Inbound Shipping

Enjoy free inbound shipping and packaging materials with most repair orders for added convenience.

Competitive Pricing

Save 30% or more on a comprehensive range of services, maintaining high standards of quality and service excellence.


Unlock enhanced efficiencies and cost savings with Repair Makers.

Benefit from preferred pricing on healthcare equipment services, expert management of warranties, and insightful data reporting. Simplify operations with our seamless integration and onboarding process, tailored to meet the needs of organizations ranging from small-scale to enterprise-level. Partner with Repair Makers for streamlined solutions that optimize your operational performance.

  • Cost Management
    Access preferred pricing across our complete range of healthcare equipment services.
  • Warranty Management
    We handle the complexities of tracking and processing warranties, ensuring savings for you.
  • Data Insights and Reporting
    Gain actionable insights to optimize spending, asset management, and facility operations.
  • Simplified Processes
    Consolidate your service needs under one provider for streamlined operations.
  • Smooth Transition
    We respect existing warranties and offer seamless onboarding, whether for 5 locations or 500+.
  • Integration Expertise
    Our team integrates seamlessly with your preferred service management software, enhancing operational efficiency.


Unlike competitors, we specialize solely in repair services, eliminating conflicts of interest associated with equipment sales.


Tailored solutions that match your organizational needs and budget preferences:

Flat-Rate Pricing

Transparent, predictable costs for every service.

Labor & Parts

Pay only for necessary components and work performed.

Choice Warranty Protection

Opt for the warranty coverage that suits your requirements.


Are you ready to elevate your service experience? I’m excited to connect with you! Reach out to me today, and let’s discuss what my team and I can do for you.
-Pate Savage Founder/CEO